Dienstag, 10. Dezember 2019
Sad meaness
Sad that sometimes friends, that are single and lonely,
can't give honest advice.
I remember a friend not focusing on the problem,
rather on her opinion of the source.
She said why not leave him, if you're unhappy.
Because running away is never a good solution
nor solving my problem?!!!
I love me and my life with him.
I just want to solve this problem we have.

And then I realize years later
this advice reappeared from a different friend.
Of course I wonder, if I'm blind.
But then again is this friend trying to make me solo,
so we can be lonely together?
If so, this is just pure meanness.

Well, some friendships turn sour
as soon as obsticals appear.

15.11.19 / 3

Bild: Trung Thanh | unsplash.com

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