Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2019
Dads don't understand
"Cam: C'mon we're her dads. Will figure something out.
Mitch: Hey honey, everyone is gone.
Cam: And we're sorry we embareced you, we shouldn't have never included all those people into this situation.
Mitch: And just because we're boys doesn't mean, we can't talk you through your first sloving of your endriotios tissue.
Cam: Which tipically last between two and seven days
Mitch: Seven? Oh my god this is crazy. Oh my god. Look Lilly your whole life it's been the three of us. Figuring stuff out together.
Cam: Yeah don't you remember in the second grade, when you came home crying, because Julie Quan made fun of your Ricky Martin "She bangs"-lunchbox. You didn't wanna talk about that, but then when you finally did, you felt better.
Mitch: You don't have to figure this out alone.
Cam: Yeah. We may not have gone through the exact same thing, but you know in the seventh grade our bodies starting changing too.
Mitch: Sixth for me.
Cam: It's not a competition. And those changes they were confusing.
Mitch: Yeah, confusing and scary and also uhm exciting, because uhm you're growing up. Lilly, and we are your parents ok. And we are gonna make mistakes. And we are not gonna have all the answers. But when you do wanna talk about it, we're here for you.
Cam: Yeah. We love you."

by Modern Family, season 10, episode 16 'Red Alert' 20th Century Fox Television 2019

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